Ecological masterplan in Xi’an, China

The concept of the new ecological and sustainable residential district in Xi’an, China, is inspired by traditional houses designed in contemporary style with the aim of integrating them with the environment. The Master Plan and the design of the common areas, all projected by Cosmos Architecture Studio, formally hang on that idea of ​​layers, which are abstracted to generate the rest of the elements of the town such as in the Chinese tradition, the social club, the restaurant and shopping area, and the villas. All these elements pass through the four main doors, these entrances establish access control points to the entire area and give way to a main road.

The horizontal streets work as articulating axes and cross longitudinally organizing the different areas of the town with streets open to electric cars. Transversally the axes are made up of green and ecological streets that create a text that connects parks and public areas where services by residents are concentrated.

The parks have different functions for young and old families, all elements integrating them into the landscape through the use of materials and textures present in native nature.

Regarding the distribution of the Villas, a traditional Chinese mound is preserved with the second purpose of organizing them with small changes to improve the general efficiency and thus provide them with views of the parks where possible or the green in both directions through large windows. The ecological elements of green vegetation, at the same time that they act as an element of separation between the main streets and the most private Villas. Through architecture, a positive impact on the environment is created so that the intervention in the landscape enhances nature through textures, colors and aromas of a tectonic architecture that blends with the landscape. On the other hand, together with the common spaces, the residential program of a more public nature (Ecological masterplan), apartments and townhouses, is located, acting as a transition element between the public space and the more private Villas. At the furthest ends from the center of the town, the palaces will be located, having absolute privacy and privileged views of the city of Xi’An.

The apartments are located in groups of buildings of three heights located at different distances from the streets. The day areas are placed on the upper floor in order to gain views of the landscape, establishing 5 meters between floor and ceiling to generate a feeling of spaciousness.