Shanghai Cultural Square Park’s Gate, China

ClientShanghai Culture Square Park
DateShanghai, China. 2019

Shanghai culture square park resolve the impediments between the road and the park are replaced with a transparent and penetrable linear intervention. The structure is presented as a new dynamic organism that suggests to open a large public green space to the city, often lacking especially in the former area of the French Concession. The border is designed to be crossed and daily inhabited by a wide range of types of beneficiaries. That is definitely a very project of a façade, of an entrance, which turns a border in an active public space that can be inhabited and therefore take on new temporary conformations within only a few hours.

This is an attempt to grasp, from the mistakes, the opportunity to experiment and give breath to urban transformations, to rethink a narrative of the metropolis, starting from the body and his perception, the public world made of events rather than obstacles, of organized density rather than of efficient generality. Structures, conscious of constructive and spatial logics, easy to assemble and disassemble, ready to be multiplied and adapted to the various complexities. Projects of the mutability, of the rapid change by users, for an optimized growth of a form of life made in the place. (Shanghai culture square park)