House in Verona, Italy

ClientHouse in Verona
DateVerona, Italy. 2019

Two volumes and two movements, just enough to tell the story of this house.

The project, which is located in Valeggio sul Mincio near Garda Lake, aims to give a new identity and shape to a home but still maintain the link with the origins of the past, thanks to the use of materials that belong to the local tradition.The house is characterized by two volumes moved in two directions and by a relatively simple construction system. The lower volume is composed of the Lessinia stone, also called Prum stone, the upper volume is plastered in white.

Each of the spaces in the house tells a moment of the family’s day. Each environment is presented in a renewed way. The new architectural volume is composed of two new volumes for the new parts of the program. A space is thus projected that houses the recreational areas, always containing the scale of the building which appears as a sort of aggregation of small pieces, which draws out terraces and limits areas, as does traditional Mediterranean architecture.

The supporting structure of the house is housed inside the furniture that has the same shade as the trunks of some species that inhabit the garden. The house is woven between the trees, on the top of a hill overlooking the valley of the river Mincio (Italy).