Hidden house, China

ClientHidden house in China
DateChina, 2020

Hidden house is a Project located in China. In the province between Mount Tai and the Yellow River, an extremely important area for Chinese tradition and where the Qi dynasty began. The house is part of a complex of luxurious colonial villas in one of the most renowned neighborhoods in the city. The project consists in the design of a house of 487 square meters inside and 228 square meters of terrace and gardens, with a characteristic distribution of a colonial house.

With a reduced area and little natural light, the reform project called  Hidden House by Cosmos Architecture, proposes to compartmentalize the daytime spaces by increasing their amazement. The connection with the outside will be direct thanks to large sliding glass doors, allowing direct connection with the garden and the pool area. The spaces, where possible, use verticality by exploiting its generous height especially in the second plant.

The internal space is vertebrate through a distributing staircase of the spaces. The connecting element is treated as a sculptural element thanks to lacquered wood panels from the lower to the upper level. The rooms open onto the garden and the urbanized complex, enjoying small panoramic points that the building contains and its greenery around.