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Cosmos Architecture awarded in Golden Creativity Design Award 2020

We are glad to announce that @cosmosarchitecture has won the Gold Award as one of the top10 most influential young design firm in the latest year. The award will be handed on the 29th August 2020 in Beijing during the Global Design Summit from the “Golden Creativity Award” committee.

During the event will take place the 8th award ceremony  “Golden-Creativity International Space Design Award” 2020 which will see national and international participants international companies and designers from China, USA, France, Italy, England, Spain, Australia, Dubai, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Cosmos Architecture has been selected as winner in two projects carried out in the last year.

Our team member Jing Xue will be able to intervene with a speech about Cosmos Architecture’value and views about our design for a better future. About our approach design and its features that make it unique all over the world.

The award is given to a candidate, who – displaying exceptional creativity – has contributed research/a theory/a concept/a method that has had a significant impact of the field of applied ethology.

The event has grown exponentially throughout the years. The Global Design Summit and the awards ceremony will both take place inside a prestigious hotel in the center of Beijing, and will also involve the best media, VIP, companies and designers arrived from all over China.