FIR_Hidden House_Site visit

Site visit. This week we had the opportunity to make a remote visit of our new project in China.

Due to the recent inability to travel due to the blockade of borders, we visited the new project in live streaming with the construction company and the customer.

The project is located in Shandong province. Between Mount Tai and the Yellow River, an extremely important area for Chinese tradition and where the Qi dynasty began. The house is part of a complex of luxurious colonial villas in one of the most renowned neighborhoods in the city. The project consists in the design of a house of 487 square meters inside and 228 square meters of terrace and gardens, with a characteristic distribution of a colonial house.

We are excited to start the project and to transform our vision of architecture and the wishes of our client into tangible reality.

With most of our lives spent indoors, the space we occupy has a major role. Environmental psychology or Space psychology is, in fact, the interaction between people and the spaces they inhabit. Lighting, colors, configuration, stairs, proportions, acoustics, and materials address the senses of the individual and generate a spectrum of feelings and practices.

From inducing warmth and safety, defining well-being, or creating a positive and efficient working environment, space can have a whole lot of impact on how we act or on what we feel; therefore, design and creative measures should be considered according to the social and psychological needs of the client. From these basis we will develop our design.

The construction is planned to begin during the second half of May, before the beginning of winter 2020 the project should be complete. This was one of the reasons for making the site visit.

In this project Cosmos Architecture is collaborating with our partners and suppliers such as JMM and Universal Stone to give the highest quality for the living.