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Cosmos Architecture on the FEARLESS magazine

We are pleased to announce the release of the article about Cosmos Architecture on the magazine called FEARLESS which carry out an intresting edition for the designer lovers.

The 4th edition in fact is focused on architecture, with masters and young new generations that tell their stories and their experience.

Cosmos told through an inteview with the director Katalina Mikhailova the experience of the Asian market and the differences between Europe and Asia, about sustanibility, oportunities and social.

That is why FEARLESS is the first magazine for sustainable luxury and social photography. It is accompanied by a traveling photography exhibition, which takes up the printed press, in the format of a “capsule magazine” worthy of collectors.

Of quarterly periodicity, each issue deals with a current social issue, which is also reflected in the exhibition (Fearless Art).

In addition to collecting the photographs of the exhibition expanding them, FEARLESS has fixed sections such as sustainable luxury, committed beauty, ecological and solidarity fashion, ecomotor, as well as different interviews and current articles.

Each issue is presented together with its photography exhibition and contributing a donation, with the profits from the sale of each copy, to a different non-profit organization.

Here a small part of our interview between Katalina Mikhailova and the team of Cosmos composed by David Sastre, Juan Martinez Zafra and Pietro Paolo Speziale.

“For a Chinese developer, a transgressive design is a challenge and an opportunity to create something totally different. Something that we do not feel is happening in Spain ”, explains David. “The mentality is changing little by little, but the Spanish developer is slower than in other markets to accept certain changes in the architectural design,” adds Paolo.

In terms of sustainability, according to Juan, “some countries in Asia have the capacity to bring about a drastic change and turn totally towards sustainable architecture. In Europe, these changes are long-term goals, so there is still a long way to go ”. And the thing is, Cosmos has an important network of very extensive collaborators all over the world, with local partners in each city where they develop a project. Spanish companies established abroad also help them: “in the last project, we developed constructive solutions with the Porcelanosa Shanghai project team and it is fortunate for us”, David answers.

Along these lines, the debate that Juan raises is that architects have “learned to develop their skills and passions but not to read the market.” “We must detect the needs and find our place”, David completes. · There are many opportunities, you just have to go out and look for them ”, Pietro concludes.