A brief talk about our values | The founders of Cosmos Architecture collective talk about the studio’s values

Cosmos are very happy to be able to show you a brief video of how we see architecture as a collective and what these initial years have been like, despite the difficulties of international mobility, our projects are still on process under our supervision, thanks to our international profile.

With each project we are presented with a new challenge and in each one of them we try to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied. We want to achieve with each of our designs, that the user has the feeling of harmony and comfort, both inside and outside of our architecture projects.

Cosmos since its starting has been based on criteria of quality, innovation, creativity, designing our projects under the premises of attention to location, functionality, spatial fluidity and maximum use of natural light as the main point of sustainability, thus achieving a final result of simplicity and clarity, which is the main basis of the design philosophy of Cosmos. We flee from being pigeonholed into a single style and for this we continually create new ideas and concepts without forgetting that trends disappear and that style is eternal. For this reason, we make every effort to understand the needs of each project to achieve an exceptional result with character.

In addition to the importance of architecture projects, we place great emphasis on interior design, focusing on the choice of materials, furniture design and defining projects down to the last detail. For this we collaborate from the beginning of the project with international firms such as Flos and Louis Poulsen in lighting, in Poliform furniture, Flexform, Jose Martínez Medina (JMM), Minotti, Mobisa, Rimadesio and in Porcelanosa and Aparici materials and we are very grateful to all of them .

We appreciate in their products and designs their concern for finishes, their final quality of the products and the maximum care of all the details, as can be seen in this video with some of their materials and furniture. With this we achieve that the spaces have warmth and elegance, where the operation and the architectural order is the basis of the well-being of our clients. Cosmos Architecture

Video: Javier Briones