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Cosmos Architecture new interview on the KooZA/rch digital platform

The latest project released by our studio, Common Lights, has been published in KooZA/rch with an interview. This platform is an experimental digital platform researching the potential of the Architectural Imaginary.

They approach the architect not as one who builds, but rather one who has the power to imagine.

Since its conception as a student-led platform at the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London [AA], KooZA/rch has sought to catalyse a critical conversation around the definition and potential of architecture beyond its built form to understand the space it enfolds both physically and metaphorically, the role it plays across communities and cultures and its social, economic and political implications. Exploratory realms are the foundation of revolutionary ideas and ways of approaching Architecture as a discipline rather than as a form. We value the daring and the absurd, the alternative to the normal, the ideas which push contemporary pre-conceptions and boundaries.

You can look the article in this link

They believe in academia as the prime space for creative critical thinking and pledge to redirect our gaze and give a voice to the young creative, an incessant source of revolutionary ideas. As a digital platform, they do not limit ideas to the physical environments in which they are conceived and developed but trust and pledge to share these across borders to generate inclusive global conversations.

Inspired by the vision of Alvin Boyarsky at the AA, they approach the term “‘draw’ as both noun and verb; an artifact, a mark on a page and an action in time and space. Drawing ad both object and action, as both collectible commodity and discursive tool.” They approach the image as a universal visual language which transcends borders. They challenge the act of drawing and image making in the land of the pixel. KooZA/rch.