Common Lights posted on e-architect

We are delighted to announce that our latest project released by our studio, Common Lights, has been published in the prestigious international magazine e-architects

e-architect is one of the world’s largest architecture websites with over 28,000 pages across the resource. e-architect is run by Adrian Welch and Isabelle Lomholt. Adrian and Isabelle both trained as architects but their strong interest in architecture led them to focus their energies on an online architectural resource rather than practicing.

The initial concept was to provide information on new buildings that would be helpful for not just local architects but a wide range of locals and tourists. Over time as connections were made this successful model was expanded and now includes all major cities in the world. features building news, events, competitions, photos, jobs, awards and products. They feature a range of building types from houses to skyscrapers, plus major landscape and interior projects.

To give an idea of ​​range they cover buildings from the USA to Papua New Guinea and from China to the Faroe Islands.

e-architects policy is to focus on getting regular news about the most interesting buildings and on building up a useful, wide-ranging architectural resource. The news is updated daily 7 days a week. e-architect has around 2,200 pages on architects.

You can read the full article of Common Lights here.